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Knoxville Septic Tank Pumping Company for Christmas

Is your Septic Tank ready for the Holidays?

Knoxville Christmas Septic Tank ServicesIs your Septic Tank ready for the surge of people that are coming over for the holidays? The holidays are here again, and as usual, family and friends will come to your home to celebrate the spirit of love and togetherness. As the Christmas season fast approaches, probably you’ve already begun planning Thanksgiving menus and dinners, or even preparing additional sleeping accommodations for your guests. Hosting Christmas parties at your home can easily wreak your septic system if you’re not well prepared. No one loves having a clogged toilet during Christmas festivities, especially with the entire family and friends around.

Ensure your kitchens and bathrooms run smoothly during the festive season

The best approach to this festive season is to take precaution to ensure your kitchens and bathrooms run smoothly during the festive season. If you’re going to host a large family, it’s vital you make the essential preparations when it comes to your septic system to prevent incidents that may ruin your Christmas holiday. Here’s a short yet often ignored list of things to do when it comes to keeping Septic Tank ready for the Holidays.

Ensure your septic tank is pumped before the holiday season.

While it’s good to manage and limit water usage to avoid blockages and overfilling your Septic Pumping system, this will almost be impossible with a huge number of people around your house. Expect an increased bathroom and kitchen water use that comes with additional visitors. This is why you should prepare your tank by pumping it before the holidays. This hands-on approach will guarantee your septic tank won’t overflow when you need it the most.

Inform your visitors a “do not flush list.”

This is because most people who are connected to the main city sewer tend to flush everything down the drain, including items that are prohibited from septic systems. This includes washing trash and hard foods down the drain, emptying any kitchen grease or oils down drains, flushing tampons, excessive toilet paper, sanitary napkins, wipes and diapers down the drain. These will not only damage your septic tank but may also block your drainage system. Instead of washing these items down the toilet or sink, place them in the compost or garbage bag. Even if you own a garbage disposal system, you shouldn’t wash hard food down the drain because they don’t break the food waste products into the required size.

Educate your guests on efficient water use practices and how the septic system functions. Inform them of the effects of overusing water while showering, when washing dishes and doing laundry and when using the restroom. This can also cause your septic tank to overflow and backup.

Use an additive

Lastly, you can also use an additive. This will keep your septic tank healthy throughout your festive season. Additives have natural bacteria that help in breaking down solids in your Septic Pumping. Just use one packet to keep your septic tank healthy, and you’ll be assured of a perfect holiday.

Following these tips will make sure that your Septic Tank is ready for the Holidays. Also, consider hiring experts to perform checkups on your septic tank to ensure that it works efficiently.

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